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The GAIAO™ Principle

The GAIAO™ Principle is based on a simple choice that we can renew daily. It is the decision to live a conscious life built on the understanding that we choose our experiences. The world we perceive often appears to be out of our control. When something desirable happens, we give credit to external forces of good luck. When something undesirable occurs, we blame it on bad luck. Fortunately, luck is an illusion and has no direct effect on what we experience. According to The GAIAO™ Principle, we are aware that control was always in our hands. These important principles are set forth as assumptions. Here are three:

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Only God is Real

God And I Are One™ means that separation from God is not possible. Separation from our brothers and sisters is also not possible. The human ego is that part of the mind that holds onto the false belief in separation. This belief engenders fear which is then projected into a “world” of make-believe in which God cannot exist. Therefore, the “world” we think we see is nothing more than the ego’s dream, albeit one that appears to be very real. To the ego, God is the enemy. To God, the ego does not exist. GAIAO™ reminds us that “Only God is Real.”Read more

We are Sinless

As human beings, we are born into a “world” that reinforces the mistaken belief in separation from God. To make a mistake, is to not understand the true meaning of something. An intentional choice to bring harm to another may rightly be labeled a sin. However, to periodically question our connection with God is natural for humans and is based on the mistaken belief in separation. It is important not to confuse the process of "thinking" a mistake with "being" a mistake as a person. In other words, to hold a mistaken belief does not mean you are a sinner. Remembering GAIAO™ easily corrects the mistake and reminds us that “We Are Sinless.”Read more

We are a Miracle

Not only are you a miracle, but you are also a miracle-maker whose choices pave the way for the healing of mankind. The “world” thinks  that miracles are changes to the environment. However, if only God is real, and the “world” we think we see is based on the projection of separation, fear, and sin, then a miracle is truly the correction of this error. A miracle is like the wind: you cannot see it, but you can perceive its effects. Chose to see the world, and every brother and sister, in the light of love and forgiveness versus fear and judgement. Doing so frees us from the chains of illusion. GAIAO™ reminds us that we are the miracle-maker, we are the process of the miracle’s unfolding, and we are the miracle itself.Read more

Let GAIAO™ help you reconnect

It is impossible not to be connected to God and one another. When we mistakenly think this connection has been lost, we now realize that we merely turned our attention away from God. As we affirm that God And I Are One™, we also reconnect our awareness to the natural state of Love, Peace, Joy, Health and Abundance.

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