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By using and/or commenting on our blog, you accept the terms and conditions of this Website and Blog Commenting Policy. is a serious website devoted to the realization that separation from God, and each other, is an illusion. God And I Are One™ is a statement that affirms the understanding of our connection.

Over time, a number of different postings (consisting of articles, thoughts, ideas, and concepts) will be uploaded by on this blog. Anyone who lives a life that celebrates this connection–and those who are in the process of remembering their connection–are welcome as members of our community. Community members (referred to in this policy as commenters) are invited to share their thoughts on these blog postings.

Comments should be designed and expressed for the sole purpose of fulfilling the objectives of this site. promotes our universal connection and recognizes that humans are capable of holding different expressions of what it means to them. invites and celebrates these expressions through its blog. We do ask that you be respectful of the postings and comments of other community members., through its moderator team, reserves the right to review any comment without notice. Such review may include, but is not limited to, editing, failure to approve, and/or deletion from the blog. Moderation and review is at our sole and exclusive discretion. This policy applies to any and all comments, regardless of the commenter or the form of expression in which it appears.

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