Designated Miracle Maker™. Part 12: Wrapping up our 12-part series

Becoming a Designated Miracle Maker™ is as easy as remembering and living the affirmation, God and I are One™. If you understand and practice the steps in this series of posts, you might just be a miracle maker.

This blog post concludes our Designated Miracle Maker™ series. In it, we review 10 key attributes of all miracle makers. Once you commit to learn, adopt, and then practice all attributes, you are a Designated Miracle Maker™. Now, let’s reinforce each principle introduced in the series.


Here we learn that each one of us has the power and ability to create miracles at will. This makes perfect sense because we are all children of God. And, as such, miracles are our birth right. Begin by accepting this and then stop investing any more energy living as if you are separate from God. Once you do this, you are ready to fully adopt the principles in series.

1.  Miracles flow from changes in thought

In this lesson, you learn that miracles flow from changes in thought rather than the physical world. The ego tries mightily to distract you from miracle making with a constant barrage of thoughts and feelings of fear. Fortunately, the miracle waits patiently for you to shift your attention in its direction. The miracle makes this possible by providing the light that shines away the fear.

2.  Miracles flow from expressions of love

Knowing that the ego uses fear as a powerful distraction tool, you need to know where to shift your attention. According to this lesson, simply shift it from fear to love. Love’s energy is inexhaustible and extends in all directions. When fear disappears, the ever-present miracle becomes visible.

3.  There is nothing to learn to make miracles

This lesson shows you that you only have to remember your status as a child of God to make miracles. When you encounter a difficulty and the ego hyper-focuses on the setback, simply bring your attention back to love and the desired miracle. This reinforces the fact that miracles are attainable and natural.

4.  All miracles have the same strength and power

Here you learn that miracles are equal in their power to heal. They are not reserved only for serious challenges. Since God and miracles are everywhere, treat all requests as already granted. If you experience any delay in seeing the miracle, chalk it up to extra time needed to restore your faith in it.

5.  The miracle maker practices miracle making in every moment of every day

This lesson instructs you to look for miracles on a daily basis. Do not wait for something undesirable to occur and then try to reverse it with a miracle. Instead, maintain a steadfast focus on God’s love. As a result, you will experience ever-growing love, peace, and joy. This leaves no room in your life for fear.

6.  Miracles first heal the mind, then the body

In this lesson, you learn that praying for a problem to go away merely affirms that the problem exists. Instead, place your thoughts and actions under God’s guidance. In doing so, you are reminded that healing, like miracles, are part of God’s plan for you. A healed mind leads to a healed body.

7.  The miracle maker knows that we are all one with God (and each other)

Here you reinforce your connection to God. This, in turn, reminds you of your connection to all brothers and sisters. This connection allows the miracle’s energy to flow from one person to the next. Feeling this energy allows you to sustain an attack from another ego and hear it, instead, as a cry for love.

8.  The miracle maker tunes out the incessant chatter of the ego

This lesson illustrates the importance of choosing to listen to the voice of God instead of the chatter of the ego. God speaks the universal language of love. The ego speaks the language of fear, anger, and judgement. Recognizing this, you can easily tune out the ego and tune into the voice of God.

9.  The miracle maker knows that what we choose for another, we choose for ourselves

In this lesson, you are reminded that the ego invests only in self-interest. The miracle maker lives a life based on unity. Self-interest promotes chaos and conflict. Unity promotes love and spiritual intimacy. The miracle maker knows that what he or she gives, he or she receives in like kind.

10.  The miracle maker experiences the Light of God in every one and every thing

This lesson teaches that God’s Light is an unlimited radiance anyone can experience. You feel it as pure, unconditional love. To experience it even further, imagine a halo of God’s Light enveloping any person or situation that needs healing. As the halo transforms fear into love, you recognize the miracle.

You are ready to serve the world

To the ego, miracles are an elusive and fleeting experience that only a few enlightened people experience. To the Designated Miracle Maker™, miracles are as normal as the smile on a happy baby and as natural as breathing. The miracle maker expects to see miracles when the need to eliminate fear arises. He or she is never surprised to see them.

Now, go forth as a Designated Miracle Maker™ and feed a hungry world that is starving for miracles.

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