I ask, I pray, I affirm. When will I receive?

We all ask this simple question from time to time. And, if every spiritual request was immediately granted, we would not give it a second thought. In life, however, we must contend with the ego and it’s never-ending quest to prove we are separate. The ego needs us to believe in separation for its survival.

The ego does not want us to commune with God. It wants us to see it as the boss of the body and everything the body does. So, any time we pray for something and affirm our connection to God, the ego must interfere. The ego has absolutely no power over God, but it can momentarily distract us and cast doubt to hinder our spiritual communications. Unless, of course, we take back control of our thoughts.

Spiritual manifestation is the natural outcome of reaching out to God through prayer and affirmation. Prayer is the cause of the manifestation. The answer to the prayer is the effect. Were it not for the ego, this communication channel would produce perfect results every time.

God is the creative Intelligence responsible for all that is. His children are His creations. Since God is a Creator, His children must also be creators. God does not, however, limit or control His children’s power to create. As God’s children, we create in every moment of every day. Most of the time, we do not realize just how powerful we are as creators.

More on the distracting influence of the ego

The ego is the part of us that believes we are separate from God. But, we cannot be separate from God. Therefore, the ego must create a dream state in which separation is possible. Or, more accurately, a nightmare filled with scary notions of fear, sin, shame, and guilt. In order to experience the ego’s dream, our spiritual eyes must be closed.

Any time you experience anything other than God’s pure love, know that your spiritual eyes are closed. Fortunately, the solution to closed eyes is simple–open them! Now its time to examine the distorted logic of the ego and how it attempts to block the realization of our spiritual requests, prayers, and affirmations.

As noted, separation from God is an illusion. The ego can dream of separation because it has its own, albeit limited, creative powers. It’s creations, however, only exist in its own mind, not God’s. The relationship between God and the ego is similar in one respect to the relationship between a parent and a child. The child’s nightmare exists in the child’s mind, but not in the parent’s.


There are many distraction tools available to the ego. It uses these tools in the dreams it creates which, to the ego, are the “real world.” The ego holds the physical body out as proof that it is not only separate from God, but it is separate from every other body. This belief in separation is the source of all fear. But, if separation is not real, then neither is fear.


Having established that the world is chock full of things to fear, the ego grabs its next tool. The imagined disconnection from God must mean that the body did something wrong to anger God and, thus, incur His wrath. In doing so, the ego presumes the body made a huge mistake. It labels this mistake a sin.

Again, if separation is not possible, then no mistake was made and no sin has occurred. If there is a mistake, it is only thinking that God is capable of anger and wrath against His children. When the ego sees God as angry, it is merely projecting its own capacity for anger onto God. But, the ego is not quite done building its case for separation.


When the ego is informed that God is loving rather than wrathful, it searches for another explanation to support its argument in favor of separation. The ego grabs shame as its next tool. According to the ego,“God may be Love. But, we are still separate from God because we are unworthy of God’s love. This means there is something wrong with us!” Shame and all the associated feelings and defense mechanisms are now unleashed by the ego.


The ego continues with its tortured logic. If we are not worthy of God’s love, it means we did something that was not pleasing to God. Believing that it has committed a crime in God’s eyes, the ego now experiences feelings of guilt. As with the other tools, the ego avoids responsibility for its thoughts by projecting them onto others. This completes the cycle of distraction.

The reality

If any of this rings familiar to you, take comfort in knowing that relief is available. It begins with opening our spiritual eyes. We accomplish this by simply reversing the ego’s thought process. Begin by spiritually centering yourself with the affirmation, God And I Are One™.

When you affirm your connection with God, you greatly please Him. Simply knowing that you please God dispels all guilt. Now that you are free of guilt, the shame goes away. You rejoice knowing that nothing is wrong with you in God’s eyes. In fact, you are perfect as He created you. God And I Are One™ affirms that God does not make mistakes.

The process of reversing the ego is now gaining momentum. When we come to experience our perfection as a child of God, we also recognize that sin is not our natural state. We understand that separation was always an illusion. When we forgive ourselves for the mistaken belief in separation, we free ourselves from all fear.

The release

We are now spiritually released from the egos’s nightmare. Our spiritual eyes are open. We freely experience God’s presence. Being free from the distracting influence of the ego, we can create and experience anything we want. We take comfort knowing that God always hears our prayers, requests, and affirmations. We no longer allow the ego to distract us from hearing God’s answer.

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