Solve the puzzle of life

Numerous writings and quotes are crafted around the comparison of life to a puzzle. From time to time, we all examine life and are puzzled by our experiences. “I don’t understand why she acts that way toward me?” “I wonder why he keeps doing ______?” “Doesn’t she realize she’s only hurting herself?” “Why can’t I seem to find ______?” “What did I do to deserve ______?” People utter statements like these every day.

What is a puzzle

By definition, a puzzle is something that tests a person’s knowledge or ingenuity with regard to a problem. The word ingenuity refers to the state of being clever or inventive. Therefore, a puzzle tests how skilled or proficient a person is at problem solving.

A jigsaw puzzle is another type of puzzle. It consists of a picture cut into different shapes that fit together. The person assembling the pieces knows what the picture looks like, but has to figure out how the pieces fit together.

Now, think of a jigsaw puzzle with 1,000 or more pieces. It is quite difficult and time consuming to assemble. But, what if the puzzle has over 7 billion pieces?

Focus on the pieces

Roughly 7.6 billion puzzle pieces, otherwise known as egos, form the world’s population. Egos see themselves as separate parts of a whole. God, on the other hand, knows what the picture on the box looks like. God formed the picture and knows that only the picture exists. In other words, there are no separate pieces.

Separateness is key to the ego’s understanding of itself. The ego revels in comparisons. It compares itself to other pieces and notices the different shapes and sizes. Some of the ego-pieces think they are better because they are bigger than others. They mistake size for power.

Some of the ego-pieces realize they are located higher up on the pile of pieces. They mistake this for the right to control other pieces. Still other pieces notice the relative beauty of the picture fragment they bear and express vanity by telling other pieces they do not compare in beauty. From the perspective of each little ego-piece, the whole picture to which it belongs is obscured.

Shift your focus to the picture

Fortunately, God is the ultimate puzzle master. God reminds us that there is no separation. Accordingly, the space between the pieces does not exist in Truth. God solves the puzzle for each of us by healing the misconception that the picture was ever cut into interlocking pieces.

You join God by realizing that only the picture exists. In doing so, you recognize that the picture is heaven itself. While you continue through your human journey as a separate (appearing) piece, hold the picture of heaven in your mind and heart. You experience the picture whenever you extend and feel love. As you express joy and experience peace, you rejoin the wholeness of the picture.

The affirmation “God and I Are One™” is your daily peak at the picture. As you continue to look at the picture, remember that God created everyone in His image and likeness. As your focus on the individual pieces shifts, you will see only heaven. No longer shall you be puzzled about who you are and where you belong.

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