Designated Miracle Maker™. Part 10: What we choose for another, we choose for ourselves

Becoming a Designated Miracle Maker™ is as easy as remembering and living the affirmation, God and I are One™. If you understand and practice the steps in this series of posts, you might just be a miracle maker.

In God’s Realm: A poem

In God’s realm, there is no here, there is no there, there is only everywhere. There is no time, there is to space, so every thing is every place. There is no them, there is no us, there is only one big “plus.” There is no you, there is no me, there is One plus One makes Three. When we are Ones, and God makes Three, the miracle’s a certainty.

This lighthearted poem points out several truths that all miracle makers understand. The world of conflict and pain, confirmed to the ego by the five senses, is not of God. Credit goes to all egos that refuse to accept we are one with God and each other. Conversely, enlightened individuals who understand their connection to God advance spiritual unity. Believing in unity over chaos, or disunity, is an important first step to consistent miracle making.

Conflict and chaos are of the ego

Let us accept for the sake of discussion that the world of chaos is maintained by egos. A key goal of the ego is the advancement of self-interest. This goal is coupled with defensive measures taken to protect itself against the actions of other egos who are advancing their own self-interests. This helps to partially explain the chaos our ego experiences. “If this is true,” the ego may bellow, “aren’t we discounting the numerous acts of love, charity, and compassion of which humans are capable?”

We must first determine if the love, charity, and compassion of which this question asks is conditional or unconditional. Conditional love comes from the ego while unconditional love is sourced to that part of us which understands its connection to God. When the ego thinks of “love,” it reflects on its own needs, wants, and desires. This ego-love is often used as a tool to extract things from other egos.

To the ego, life is a deal

The ego constantly enters into bargains in which it gives up something of lesser value in exchange for something of higher value. For example, an emotionally needy, yet wealthy, ego offers to give part of its money to another ego in exchange for emotional or physical attention. This arrangement is nothing more than an ego-driven, conditional bargain. The ego, it and of itself, is not capable of true, unconditional, God-based love.

What we give, we receive

This brings us to our message: What one chooses for another, he chooses for himself. Life, to the ego, is a bargaining platform. What it gives, it does so for the value of what it gets in return. Using our previous example, the wealthy ego willingly gives its money in return for some attention from another ego. In reality, the wealthy ego gives the money based on a fear of being unlovable.

According to this ego, money is the only way to receive the attention it desperately craves. The more it craves, the more it is willing to give. This attention is a poor substitute for true, unconditional love. The ego that gives its attention, on the other hand, does so out of a fear of not having enough money. Both of these bargaining parties are actually giving each other fear, so that is what they receive in return.

The miracle maker realizes that what he chooses for another, he chooses for himself. If the ego judges another for its perceived sins, it charges itself with the same sin. The ego that imprisons another in a cell of hate joins him in his cell. An ego that plots to cause harm to another eventually falls prey to the effects of the harm.

Give unconditionally, receive unconditionally

The affirmation God and I are One™ puts you in a miracle mindset. You will give only unconditional love, peace, and joy. The world may still be chaotic, but you will experience an abundance of love, peace, and joy in return. If this appeals to you, you might just be a Designated Miracle Maker™.

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