Designated Miracle Maker™. Part 11: The miracle maker experiences the Light of God in every one and every thing

Becoming a Designated Miracle Maker™ is as easy as remembering and living the affirmation, God and I are One™. If you understand and practice the steps in this series of posts, you might just be a miracle maker.

The miracle maker experiences the Light of God in every one and every thing. He or she is open to this in every moment of every day. Further, the miracle maker does so without judgement or condition. The miracle maker experiences God’s Light regardless of who or what he or she encounters.

Understand the Light of God

God’s Light does not emanate from the visible light of the sun or a bulb. The sun’s light, for example, is a narrow bandwidth of electromagnetic radiation. It reaches the eyes in the form of physical energy. The Light of God, on the other hand, is a metaphysical radiance which is communicated to us (rather than seen) in the form of knowledge, thought, or inner understanding.

The miracle maker recognizes that God’s Light is a feeling experience rather than a physical sight. This might explain the frustration some feel who invest a lifetime using only the body’s eyes to look for God without experiencing the desired result. The miracle maker does not passively wait to see physical signs of God’s presence (which are certainly possible). Rather, the miracle maker proactively uses the mind’s eye and envisions God’s Light radiating from all that he or she sees in the world.

How to experience God’s Light

There is a specific and easy technique you can use to envision God’s Light. First, remember that the Light of God is experienced as pure, unconditional love. Next, use the mind’s eye and picture or imagine a halo of this love that starts from within and then radiates outward from each person or circumstance you encounter. This Light represents the miracle. The miracle then effortlessly transforms our interpretation of what we encounter from fear and judgement to love and forgiveness.

We previously learned that a miracle technically does not do anything in the outer world. It does, however, undo our interpretation of what we think we see through the body’s eyes. The ego uses the physical light that reflects off of any person or situation with which it is not aligned and sees only fear. The miracle maker, on the other hand, uses the Light of God that emanates from within this person or situation and sees only love, peace, joy and spiritual intimacy.

Forever choose God’s Light

The miracle maker chooses a life in which every encounter culminates in an outcome blessed with the Light of God. If your body’s eyes see something to fear, and your mind’s eyes see instead something to love, you might just be a Designated Miracle Maker™.

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