Designated Miracle Maker™. Part 8: We are all one with God (and each other)

Becoming a Designated Miracle Maker™ is as easy as remembering and living the affirmation, God and I are One™. If you understand and practice the steps in this series of posts, you might just be a miracle maker.

A light bulb can teach us about miracle making

The miracle maker knows that we are all one with God which is central to miracle making. Because we are all connected to God, we are all connected to each other. The connection is necessary for miracle-making energy to flow from person to person.

This energy flow is similar to how a light bulb is illuminated. Electricity flows from a source, through a conduit or wire, to light the bulb. The energy, in essence, transforms the bulb.

The miracle is the energy. God is the source. God’s love is the conduit or connection. And, we are the object the energy transforms. In other words, miracles are a form of energy originating from God as the source. God’s love is the channel through which the miracles flow to us. This energy positively affects us by transforming our perceptions.

The ego works in darkness

When God’s Love flows freely, the world illuminates and darkness disappears. Fear, anger, and antagonism are no longer possible. So, if this process is natural and effortless, why is there so much dysfunction in the world?

The answer is due to the fact that the ego keeps us believing that God’s love is beyond our reach. It is our just due to be separated and we belong in darkness. Separation is the tool of choice for the ego.

The ego uses its steadfast belief in separation to validate everything it does to protect the body from other ego-bodies. This explains the ego’s use of conflict and fear to justify its destructive tendencies. Accordingly, antagonism fuels even more adversary relationships.

Our connection to God connects us to one another

Fortunately, we can easily access miracles and their healing power. No situation or circumstance can shield us from God’s miracle-producing energy. We know that the ego only sees a world based on illusion. We also know that through the energy of miracles, we can shift what we perceive from pain and suffering to healing and love. While the ego may try to close the body’s eyes and deny the light, it cannot negate the existence of the light.

In summary, no matter what circumstance impacts life as the ego perceives it, the miracle maker remembers that he or she is one with God. No matter who attacks the ego, the miracle maker remembers that the “attacker” and the “attacked” are actually the “crier for love” and the “host of the love.” The miracle maker knows that everyone is connected, illuminated, and protected by God’s love. If you ever look at a light bulb and are reminded of God’s love, you might just be a Designated Miracle Maker™.

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